UCC Ministries

Below are a list of some of our teams you could possibly serve in and ministries where you can discover your gifts, strengths, and church family!

Media Ministry

The Media Ministry is the platform upon which ALL ministries communicate the message of Jesus Christ through audio and visual means while remaining relevant, and in line with the mission of UCC.


This ministry intercedes on behalf of our church on a daily basis. We also pray and intercede for our community. We will at anytime pray or intercede for anyone who is seeking prayer or has specific prayer request.


This ministry has two major functions. The first is to serve the church body through communion, prayer and house visits in time of need. The second is the role in monitoring the church building.

One Church

This ministry is designed to help youth of ALL ages build their own individual relationship and have their own individual experience with Christ. Youth are encouraged to ask questions, research information, and find a deeper understanding than just the surface of the Word of God.

Leadership Development Ministry

The purpose of the leadership development ministry is to equip servant & ministerial leaders to lead from inside/out. Leading from inside out is the pursuit by the leader towards emotional, mental, & spiritual health, in addition to effectiveness, passion, purpose and competence in their assignment.

Worship Team

The Psalmist at the "U" work diligently each week to lead the congregation in authentic worship under the guidance of Holy Spirit. The goal of these Levite’s is to create an atmosphere for the presence of God through the gifts of the prophetic voices and sound; to increase faith, convict hearts and draw others to Christ! “For God is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship him in spirit and truth.”

Marriage Ministry

To help couples cultivate and maintain emotionally and spiritually healthy marriages that are centered on, grounded in, and led by the love of Jesus Christ, seeking to honor primarily the covenant with God and secondly, our covenant with our spouse. Healthy marriages build healthy homes,churches, and communities.

Singles Ministry

This ministry is focused on allowing God to reveal his purpose for the lives of those single. The goal is to boldly step out on faith, guard our hearts, and allow God to prepare us for HIS BLESSING, for our lives.

Teen Church

This ministry is focused and geared towards our High School Students. This ministry is lead by "Team Green" they create a safe space for the teens to share their hearts, with FUN, FELLOWSHIP, and FOOD.


This ministry is to create a space for babies and toddlers. Even at their age they will be cultivated in learning about the "JOY" of the Lord. This ministry is not for babysitting, but this ministry is for cultivating their creativity and gifts EARLY.