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Our Mission

To bring people to Jesus and Membership in His family, develop them to Christ-like Maturity, and equip them for their Ministry in the church and life mission in the world in order to Magnify God's name.

Our Vision

Our Ministry will be characterized by a willingness to love God as creator, and His Son, Jesus Christ as King and Lord of every individual who has a desire to be a part of this ministry. We will teach God's Word, read God's Word, and model God's Word in every aspect of our lives.

We will give extra attention to our senior saints and our youth. We will be intentional in our efforts to evangelize, disciple and exhort those in our fellowship and community. We will use the gifts of our people, as well as financial gifts, to enhance the Kingdom of God. We will constantly practice using discretion with those we place in leadership. We will constantly assure that the entire church strives to be mature and full of God's Spirit.

Our History

Sometime prior to 1875 a group of citizens of Painesville, Ohio realized the need for a church, and ventured to actualize this need.  In this group were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eldridge, Mrs. Harriet Martin, Mrs. Sam Derby, Mr. Dave Ross, and Mr. and Mrs. Will Smith.  A building was purchased on Matthews Street and was called Union Chapel.  The Chapel was a member of the Congregational Conference.  Much of the ministerial leadership came from Oberlin Seminary, in Oberlin, Ohio.

History shows that the first minister was Reverend Cash, followed by Reverend Lewis Gilbert, who also served as visiting Professor of Practical Theology in the Graduate School of Theology at Oberlin College.

On February 9, 1911 a group of eleven ladies met at the home of Mrs. Eldridge on West Jackson Street to organize a club, which was named the Ladies Social Club.  This club was to work for a church building fund.  The members at the first meeting were all members of The Chapel, and included Mrs. Eliza Wooten, Mrs. Lucy Bethel, Mrs. Annie Smith, Mrs. Sarah Bratton, Mrs. Lizzie Smith, Mrs. Harriet Martin, Mrs. Ruby Gordon, Mrs. Sophie Wooten, Mrs. Ada K. Williams, Mrs. Nora Crooms, and Mrs. Sam Derby.  This group of women was responsible for the purchase of a parsonage for the church as well as being financially influential in the erection of the building on 182 West Jackson Street.  The cornerstone of the building on 182 West Jackson Street was laid in 1909.  The building was completed in the year 1919.  The Chapel was sold to Excelsior Band in 1921.  When the members moved into the new building the name of the church was changed to Union Congregational Church.

During the several decades between 1959 and 1993, the church both flourished and floundered periodically.  Past ministers include, in chronological order, the Reverends Summers, Johns, Todd, Fouch, DeBerry, Ware, McGowan, Dinkins, Blake, Brown, Watson, Elliot, Mosley, and Diggs.  More recently were the Reverends Harry Thompson and Carl Wallace.

The present pastor is Roderick A. Coffee, I, who joined Union Congregational Church in January of 1994 and accepted the ministry of our church in May of 1994.  As a result of Pastor Coffee’s spiritual leadership, many auxiliaries have been reactivated: Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Deacons and Deaconess, and Women’s Fellowship.  While others have been newly formed: Adult and Children’s choirs, Men’s Fellowship, Children’s Church, Youth Ministry, Outreach Evangelism, and the Usher Board.

In January of 1996, in order to expand for youth activities, Union Congregational Church purchased a parcel of land and a building owned by Ms. Joyce Lilly Lyons, at 25 Freedom Road in Painesville Township.  We named the building the UCC Ministry Center.  We set a goal to have the center ready to be used for Vacation Bible School in 1997, which we did accomplish.  The UCC Ministry Center was used for many ministries and has since been sold to Project Hope as a homeless shelter.

Pastor Coffee became our full-time pastor in December of 1998.  Since then God has continued to bless us with many accomplishments, including our annual Prayer Vigil, and Harvest and Revival.  Morning worship and Sunday School attendance has escalated to the point that there became an immediate need for a new edifice.

On December 12, 2000, Union Congregational Church became the proud owners of the building that we now occupy.  The address is 10959 Johnnycake Ridge Road.  The building was previously owned by the Seventh Day Adventist Church and was used as a school building.  Pastor Coffee had a vision to have the building renovated and ready for occupancy by February 20, 2001.  After much prayer and hard work, we converted the school gymnasium into a sanctuary and we moved in on February 20, 2001.

In January of 2004, Union Congregational Church officially changed its name to Union Community Church.

Our Pastors

Maurice R. Coffee I

Senior Pastor & Apostle

Edlexus Y. Coffee

Senior Pastor & House Prophet

The Dream Team

Lady Coffee

"Our Forever First Lady"

Deborah Holder

Associate Pastor

Shannon Vickers

Head Elder